Greene Structures offers general building services for new construction, renovation, and restoration projects. We welcome projects of all scales and budgets, and are committed to delivering the highest level of value and service to every customer. 

Being a progressive, future-focused business, Greene Structures looks for innovative construction methods and problem-solving approaches to the construction process. We always seek to maintain excellence in product quality, personalized service and job integrity. 

Throughout every project, we welcome feedback from the client so that we may learn something new and/or discover ways to improve our services whenever possible. Greene Structures depends on the knowledge of our team of highly-skilled craftsmen to give our work it's unique quality.

In addition to construction, we offer custom design services. This enables our clients to evaluate what they are looking for before investing in the time and material cost of the building process.

Since any construction project involves spending a considerable amount of money, we feel that visualizing ideas in advance of the building process is worthwhile. Greene Structures benefits from offering both design and construction services because cohesive changes can be made throughout the course of any given project without the usual constraints of the traditional architect/builder relationship.

Working in both arenas simultaneously, we believe that we can create a quality overall product. We draw upon a wide knowledge base that takes advantage of our experience gained in the construction and design fields.

Sustainable Energy
Greene Structures is interested in looking for viable ways to produce and sustain environment-friendly energy sources. This includes the use of solar panels and wind turbines. We are eager to integrate these potential resources into our built work.

Here at Greene Structures we provide a full range of mechanical work from new construction, remodeling, openings, closings, service and repairs. We can also provide you with a full line of water treatment installations and equipment. Our staff has 30 plus years of experience in the fields of plumbing, heating, electrical, air conditioning, and ground water treatment. Whatever your needs we have the staff and knowledge to accommodate them.